Mobile Application Development Trends of 2022


It is a proven fact that people in urban areas spend most of their time on mobile phones and other similar hand-held devices. Directly or indirectly; everyone uses a mobile phone for most of the day. More businesses are realizing this and hence we have seen an increased inclination towards mobile application development in the past couple of years. However, trends are changing every year, and competition is getting fiercer than before. For being ahead of this competition, businesses need to follow the latest trends, which can be given to them by mobile app development companies. This post studies the mobile apps that are trending this year and their similarity with the trends of last year.

Customized Mobile Applications:  They are always on the top every year. Customized apps mean those developed on a unique concept for a particular business, a specific product or service that it offers, or simply a mobile representation of the entire business. Only the features, functions and themes relevant to a business will be included in the app. Such mobile apps are expected to remain trending in 2022 as well.

AI/ML-enabled Apps: AI and ML are two advanced technological concepts that use the power of reasoning for solving problems. And these concepts will be integrated more with mobile apps in 2022. Technologies. For better clarity on what this integration can do; AI/ML will enable your phone to respond based on your preference. For example, based on your browsing habits or GPS history, a good delivery app can automatically recommend what eat and/or where to eat. Google Maps is a prime example of an AI/ML-enabled mobile app.

Internet of Things (IoT):  Modern Indian users require technology to give them daily life solutions and not remain pieces of luxury. Hence, IoT devices such as smart apps are gaining popularity. Smart mobile apps give a user control over almost any electronic or lock system in their house. Business needs to harvest returns from this trend. For example, a television manufacturer can develop smart apps to give its consumers more control over the devices.

Cloud-Based Technology: Cloud technology presents several benefits such as – streamlining the operations, reduction in equipment along with hosting cost, enhanced storage capability, and increased productivity. Mobile apps and their data can be developed in the cloud so that their use will not be limited to specific devices such as in the case of native apps.

AR/VR: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are expected to see exponential growth by the end of 2022. Specific scenarios for their usage could include AR-based virtual user manuals, visual learning, location navigator, and VR-based live events (which could include wedding functions!).

Doesn’t this sound exciting? But these are merely concepts or types of mobile apps that are expected to bloom in 2022. You will need a team that develops these kinds of apps for your company to achieve its full potential in 2022. Majestic People Infotech is the answer! We are a mobile application development company in India; located in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) with 15+ years of experience. MPI has provided mobile app solutions to various clients across the country as well as across other parts of the globe. In addition, we are a trusted offshore development center for international clients. Contact us today to discuss more.

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