Importance of Software Testing


This is the analysis of software application; on the web, mob, or cloud to evaluate how much such an application meet the Business Requirement Specifications. It is a continuous process and is done along the software development life cycle. Testing is also done after the launch of the software application. Core advantage besides delivering bug-free software, software testing ensures maximum performance in the functionalities and usability of applications.

There are different types, methods, and techniques to test software, and it involves multiple levels to verify and validate it.  These include,

  • Acceptance testing
  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Stress testing
  • Usability testing

Software testing assures application quality and satisfies the expectations of all end-users.  A more detailed description of its advantages includes,

  • Reduction in Expenditure- Regular testing of software applications would remove the necessity of unplanned modifications or enhancements. Also, there are different levels when developing software and it would make more sense to fix an issue in earlier stages rather than wait for problems to compound.  Procuring the services of software testing experts can make a huge difference.
  • Better Security- Software security testing can identify the threats in an application (web or mob) in advance and hence remedies can be found for these threats so that the system does not stop functioning or cannot be exploited.  This also s related to a reduction in expenditure as lesser or no expenses at all will have to be made on continuous software maintenance.
  • Increased Performance- Technology is advancing very fast and there is a lot of competition these days. Legacy applications could be using older tools and the performance can be affected if not regularly updated, Software testing helps with this besides others such as inspecting if the app’s visual images are appropriately coordinated, and ascertaining if the layout is comprehensible, and reviewing the principal performance.

There are more benefits to software testing which would depend on the type of software, platform, purpose, and technologies used among others. Reach out to Majestic People Infotech for a good assessment of your application. We are an experienced software development and software testing company in India, with an office in Coimbatore. Our team of subject matter experts have experience and immense knowledge of the latest software advancements to give you the best. Drop us a mail at to know more.

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