Mobile App Trends in India – 2019


Mobiles and mobile applications are conquering every household in India. Lesser costs, easy access to networks and heavy competition has ensured that mobile phones or more specifically smart-phones are no longer limited to the wealthy and elite population. Working professionals, businessmen, bureaucrats, ordinary consumers, and even school kids; everyone uses them! These applications have become a vital part of current lives; be it for professional or personal uses.


Yet it is interesting to note that each popular mobile application serves a purpose. On the commercial front, a mobile application can be used to chat with clients, to highlight products/services, act as gateways to main web apps or websites, to organize events, to book products/services, and more. Hence the bottom-line is that mobile applications are developed in India to serve particular objectives. They no longer are just for advertising or promotional purposes.

This post speaks about the latest mobile application trends in India for 2019:

Social Networking/Instant Messaging: Everyone knows about Facebook! Now what if such a similar social networking mobile application was uniquely developed for each office/organization? This trend has already started in certain big-names across India and more are following suit. The foremost advantage will be a better engagement between all employees of an organization, irrespective of their seniority levels. Along the same lines, a query or concern can immediately as well as directly be conveyed to senior management officials, without having to go through any red-tape.

E-Commerce: The name says it all! This market surely maybe dominated by giants such as Amazon and Flipkart. But that doesn’t mean there is no space for any other. Strengthened by the Indian government’s push to go “all-digital” in recent times, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to understand the advantage of offering products/services online. By adopting this trend, a small-to-medium sized retailer of textiles or even a provider of stock-market brokerage services based in Mumbai can easily get clients from every part of India. Consumers just need to use an application on their mobiles for direct contact with the vendor. It is that simple.

Medicare: Healthcare organizations and medical professionals can also benefit from the advancements in mobile applications. This is also one of the latest trends in India, through which patients can contact doctors and receive diagnoses right through a mobile application. It may not sound possible; but technology makes it convenient. For example, the current photograph of a patient may shared with the doctor through the application accompanied with description of his or her ailment. The doctor can then prescribe certain medicines or refer the patient to a specialized medical center nearest to his/her location. In another instance, patients can upload an image of the medical chit doctors had issued them for purchasing relevant medicine. A mobile application ca n be developed in which all pharmacies in the locality get signed-on to it. The nearest pharmacy can then deliver these medicines to appropriate patients. However, mobile applications may not be the entire solution for now and there is a lot of scope left for improvement.

IoT: Imagine how you would feel if you could control all electronic devices such as air-conditioners, printers and even computers in your office right from a mobile application? This is possible with the concept of Internet of Things or iOT in which all electrical devices are interconnected with the common point being a mobile device. The application in the mobile then stores data from all these devices and then operates on a machine-to-machine strategy. In simpler terms, the IoT application in your device can instruct other devices how to act or when. Primary benefits of having an official IoT app in an office are being able to keep information secure and also monitoring activities around the environment.
These are some of the popular trends. There are more such as GPs systems on the phone and finance related applications. The assistance of Majestic People Infotech, an experienced mobile app development company in India can help know more. Let us know when we can discussions on the same.

Why businesses need to have unique mobile apps in India


Mobile App Development Trends in India – 2018

Alushta, Russia - November 19, 2016: A set of programs from famous brands of social networking on the iPhone 7 in woman hands. iPhone 7 Jet Black was created and developed by the Apple inc.

The technological scene in India as well as the expectations of the end-users in the region has changed drastically in the past decade. India in fact has emerged as a leader in the web technology and software development industries. The past five years have seen this trend incline more towards mobile app development. The core reason behind this could be the rapid surge in mobile phone users and smart phone users in the country.

It is well known that marketing is all about reaching out to prospective customers in the regions they reside the most or the platforms they use the most. Did you know that India is set to have 530 million smart phone users by the end of 2018? With increasing mobile Smartphone adoption and users downloading and utilizing more apps than ever before, the Indian market presents is an open treasure for several sectors of companies.

Isn’t it then sensible for businesses in India to invest on the development of mobile apps and immediately convert their marketing attempts into sales? Yet, there are to mobile and android apps than is widely believed. Trends are changing every year and competition is getting fiercer than before. To get ahead of this competition, businesses need to contact a mobile app development company in India to suggest solutions that match with the latest trends.

These are some of the major Indian mobile app development trends that commenced in 2018 and will dominate the market for the next decade:

Customized Mobile Applications: It is highly recommended that every business should possess a customized mobile application of its own. This mobile can be of a unique concept developed by a particular business, a specific product or service that it offers, or simply a mobile representation of the entire business. The central government’s recent push for digitalization of all transactions has increased the demand of customized enterprise mobile apps multifold.

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is revolutionizing businesses processes significantly. Modern Indian users require technology to give them daily life solutions and not remain pieces of luxury. IoT devices such as smart apps are gaining popularity. Smart apps give a user control over almost any electronic or lock-system in his her house. Business need to harvest returns from this trend. For example, an electronics company can develop smart-apps to give its consumers more control over the devices.

Cybersecurity: Business property needs to be kept safe; both in real life and in cyberspace. There are increasing number of reports of hackers and malicious elements attacking digital properties of businesses across India. The data of consumers, access to products and services and stealing of confidential information are some of the dangers arising from the lack of Cybersecurity. Businesses need to develop mobile threat defense solutions devices that are used for corporate purposes.

Mobile Apps with Chatbots: Chatbots are simple messenger apps that greet visitors to a website or allow members of a web portal to chat between themselves. Now chatbots have made their mark in mobile apps as well. Chatbots as mobile app are simple routes for businesses to directly interact with their consumers. If developed, these chatbots can be uploaded to common mediums such as Google Play Store or even published on a company’s website to be downloaded by consumers. The latest products released or information of services provided by a business can be shared by a business with its customers through these chatbot apps.

Mobile Payment Integration: It has been already been ascertained that mobile phones are in the hands of every modern Indian consumer. Hence, every customer will find it more convenient to pay for a business’ goods or services right from a mobile device. Moreover, internet shopping is currently transacted more from mobile devices. This is the platform that most internet consumers prefer for purchases. Businesses should explore this trend to make their processes more swift and easy.

Cloud-Based Technology: Cloud technology presents a number of benefits such as – streamlining the operations, reduction in equipment and hosting cost, enhanced storage capability, and increased productivity. Mobile apps and their data can be developed on cloud so that their use will not be limited to specific devices such as in the case of native apps.

Majestic People Infotech continuously updates its approach with the latest trends. Does your business have any requirement to develop mobile apps? Or do you want to know which app will be suitable for your business and what will exactly be its benefits? Contact us and we will be glad to discuss with you.