Why do you need Software Testing?


Software applications are necessary for any reasonably sized company, institution, and even independent professional in today’s world. Web, mobile and cloud applications; the platforms may be different, but the aim is always the same. Remain with customers or end-users even after business hours. That is, the development of software applications helps your business stay with existing customers 24/7 and connect with prospective ones in the shortest time. However, a software app can have multiple areas of improvement and the presence of several bugs. These bugs must be fixed before the final deployment of the software app to end-users.

Majestic People Infotech (MPI) is an experienced software testing company that specializes in outsourced services and is also a reputed offshore development center for clients in the United States, Canada, Russia, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, as well as other regions across the globe. We recognize that the reputation of a company along with its credibility could be affected by any discrepancy in the software application it releases to the public. Therefore, you need to get software testing services from a company, which has strong ability in the domain.

As precautionary measures, MPI lists the most common bugs or reasons of why you need to opt for software testing services.


This means times when a software solution stops working appropriately and forces itself to shut down. The cause could be bugs such as viruses or hardware devices and can cause a lot of damage. Loss of data is the biggest threat if there is a crash; especially if there no backup is kept. All vital information could be lost in a crash. As a solution, you can hire a software maintenance team to continuously check the software’s activity.

Functional Errors

The first expectation from software developed for a purpose is that it functions exactly as intended. Now, what if, there is no submission button or clicking the submission button doesn’t work? This will be a functional error. Proper software testing needs to be done by expert teams before its launch.


Errors- however small in spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and/or punctuations could have a big negative impact. Though this isn’t a technical bug, caution should be given to ensure that the software’s content is free of any sort of typo. Besides a decrease in quality, another problem that may arise from typos is the misleading of users. These are most likely to occur in the listed guidelines or instructions.

Missing Commands

It is like a crash or rather the problem that could arise before a crash. The user may need to conduct a particular activity on the software application. But what if the person is not able to do so or cannot find a method for the same? For example, a user may be halfway through booking a vehicle for transport but the system does not allow the person to cancel the process before finalization. The customer expects to have the possibility to stop the process, but the software does not have an option to do so. This is just one of the many missing commands that can be in a software application.

Reach out to Majestic People Infotech for a complete assessment of our software application. Our qualified team will examine every aspect and ensure that your application exceeds expectations. We are active 24/7 owing to our international exposure.