Aspects of Professional Website Designing


The recent pandemic of Coronavirus or Covid-19 has also given a few professional lessons; time management, multi-tasking and establishing a brand of yourselves. We will leave the health aspects out of this as it is not related to the topic. The economy has taken a steep dive and job losses along with pay-cuts have become the norm. Lockdowns and restrictions in transport have only added oil to the fire. Yet, this is not the end. If you can’t go to a workplace, take the workplace with you.

That is, professional websites can be designed and developed for your brand. You could be an individual, a team or a company employing several teams. Current trends as well as the challenges of the pandemic make it mandatory for you to have a website. Why?

A professional website is your digital visiting card that is placed in front of clients from anywhere across the world 24/7!

What is your passion? Are you an author? Do you do handle bakery and catering services? Are you a sports professional, an actor, a public speaker, or even a politician? Then you must have an independent website which brings you more exposure to the target audience and beyond. Then you may ask, what if there already is a website? What I am still lacking?” Well, the problem is not the website, but what is in it. Website designing is a complex department and you will need the assistance of a professional website designing company for this purpose.

This post is meant to give you an outline of whatever is required in a professional website.

Home Page: This is the first impression of anyone visiting your website. It needs to be visually appealing and have shortcuts to all content on the website. Visitors should get a good overview of whatever you are offering, directly on the home page. Everyone is busy these days and you can’t expect people to check out every piece of content in search of what they are looking for. Proper space and placement of content is important.

Navigation Menus: You have something on your website to offer people? Show it to them! These menus should have links to other pages on your website. And menus need to be placed properly on the header and footer. There are different purposes for each type of menu. For example, the header menu can have links to pages where you speak about your company, products/services, testimonials from other clients, as well your contact details. Your footer menu could include shortcuts to your social media pages. These menus need to appear on every page.

Content & Optimization: Content has always been the king of a website. But be clear; content can include words, images and videos as well as tone of your content should match the latest trends and must also be appealing to the target audience. For example, if you are an academician who takes online classes; your content should attract students. Once again, the content should specify the age group. School-age children are students while working professionals willing to learn more are also students. Importantly, these pieces of content must be optimized to leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo. People should see your website’s link first when they search for your line of business in your locality.

Mobile Responsiveness: VERY IMPORTANT! Google has in fact made it mandatory that a website must be mobile responsive for being listed in its top results. That is, your website must be uniformly accessible from any device or screen resolution. This shouldn’t be taken for granted. Website themes may appear differently on various platforms such as mobiles, androids and tablets. If you already have a website. you need to approach a web enhancement company in India for analyzing it and identifying its extent of responsiveness. A larger number of people are browsing the internet from mobile phones and not making your website mobile responsive will result in heavy loss of prospective customers.

Hosting & Security: A website is a digital office. But where is it built or where is it located? This requires hosting platforms such HostGator, A2Hosting and Amazon Web Services. Your website needs to be hosted securely and the platform must always be made accessible. Proper backups of your web pages along with its content needs to be maintained. This may be considered last in a website designing process, but you need to give it enough emphasis as a single breach could make you lose all your content.

This was an outline of what a professional brand website must possess. We know this as Majestic People Infotech is an experienced web designing company located in Coimbatore, India with clients from across the world. Reach out to us for a more elaborate discussion. We can redefine your web presence.