Features of the Best E-Commerce Platform


E-commerce or an electronic commerce platform is also known as an e-commerce website is an online application developed to facilitate buying and selling products and services online.  It is similar to a physical store, but all transactions are conducted online with physical contacts being implemented only in the delivery of products/services to user-specific locations. The further explanation need not be given on e-commerce platforms as the general public of India along with most other parts of the globe are now used to it. Amazon and Flipkart are two prime examples.

But these are what can be called multi-vendor e-commerce websites. That is, several brands post their products/services for sale on the same platform which is managed by a different brand. However, there are other aspects to e-commerce website development. A single brand can develop e-commerce platforms in India or other regions with assistance from a software development company or especially an e-commerce application development company.  The purpose of developing such e-commerce platforms is to make a brand’s whole line of products or services easily available for purchase.

An e-commerce website or an e-commerce store is open 24/7 and can cater to the requirements of a wide audience of customers. The following are some of the core features that need to be present in an e-commerce platform-

  • User Friendly Experiences

An e-commerce website must be easy to navigate.  The template, theme, and navigation are of prime importance.  Visitors should have flawless user experiences in their browsing journey starting from the home page, then to product pages and finally to check-out.  on your website. All items on the e-commerce store must be categorized and tagged. Easy navigation, of course, must translate to all screen sizes and all devices.  That is, an e-commerce platform must be mobile responsive.  This is important as earlier separate applications were developed for the web and mobile. But having a uniformly responsive application will mean lesser costs and will always cater to 60% of the population who browse the internet from their mobile devices.

  • Customized Functionalities

Development of goof e-commerce platforms will use customer data in the process to personalize shopping experiences for site visitors across multiple channels. This can be implemented with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Did you notice Amazon, Flipkart, or any other major e-commerce store recommending products/services you will like? AI tools and big data analysis are used for this purpose. For a broad picture, data is gathered from a customer’s previous visits, sign-in information and source location. Artificial intelligence can enable product recommendations to automatically appear and readjust to users’ preferences.

  • Integration of Payment Gateway

What is the point of an e-commerce store if you can’t be paid for goods and services purchased from it? Hence, a good web application development company in India will ensure that a proper payment gateway is integrated into the website and supports direct bank transfers, credit card payments along with digital wallets such as Google Pay, Pay TM and PhonePe. In addition, checkout, order management, and returns should all be hassle-free. A good eCommerce platform should also allow for order shipping transparency and painless returns, promoting a streamlined customer experience that extends beyond the purchase. 

  • Hosting

This is also equally crucial though it has been mentioned at bottom of the list. An e-commerce platform must always be online along with high performance. That is, all the content and functionalities of an e-commerce website must load within the shortest span of time. A secure and effective hosting provider is required for this. There are different types of hosting services including share hosting and independent hosting.  But it is always recommended to approach an e-commerce development company that supports cloud hosting.

In summary, these are the general aspects of the perfect e-commerce platform. We know this as these are some of the steps that Majestic People Infotech takes in developing an e-commerce platform. We are an experienced web development company in Coimbatore, India. Reach out to us at info@themajesticpeople.com or visit our website at www.majesticpeopleinfotech.com to know more.