Custom Software Solutions for Holistic Growth

We Engineer Software Whilst Crafting Solutions

MPI’s software development solutions guarantee the perfect match up to your requirements. Our Golden Rules for Software Development are as follows –

  • Deep & efficient requirements-study of requirements
  • Procure the best fit from across Technologies
  • Leverage the Latest Technologies
  • Process Optimization Ahead of the Curve
  • Technology Updation
  • World Class Offshore Development Services from Coimbatore, India
Software Development Languages

Development Frameworks & Languages

We are Multi-Lingual Practitioners!

An exposition or referencing of the types, scopes, & (insert other parameters) of software development languages is beyond the scope of a vast majority of discussions. Such is the nature of the software development language – organically and exponentially growing sentient beings that could take over from mankind at any second.

“To say we are simply capable in this regard will be an understatement. Our teams are highly skilled practitioners of specific languages that are meant for the specific things they do!”

Software Frameworks

The MPI Crucibles of Software Craft


Ultra-Stable & Powerful Solutions from the MPI Stable

A Microsoft developed software development framework, .NET is a powerful and comprehensive set of tools that pave way for a great solution. There are proprietary and open source versions of the software that is leveraged for a wide variety of requirements that need addressing.

We cover all programming models in the .NET framework with equal deftness.

  • MVC
  • Web Forms

We utilize the entire range of .NET technologies including WCF, WF, WPF, LINQ, CardSpace.


The Open, Efficient &, Artful ElePHPant

The open source revolution has been a slow stewing one. PHP is a server side scripting language that is used to develop websites, web based applications et al. PHP has been making giant strides and we have leveraged the very best features and attributes associated with the same.

We build the entire gamut of software solutions leveraging this open source and robustly supported (by communities) development platform. Our exposure extends to the latest and highly stable PHP 7 iteration. Our experience in PHP gives us the edge in many CMS projects.


Customized & Perfected for Your WW-Web Forays

Another Microsoft offering that is highly effective in building web applications. Our SharePoint development teams have delivered highly specific and high performance applications and websites.

The versatility of our SharePoint implementations have benefitted enterprises across the spectrum. We have a dedicated development team handling the Web Application software that leverages its multiple and powerful facets.

Our SharePoint implementations handle among other responsibilities – intra & extranet, content management, custom management systems etc.


Sunshine? Make Hay!

One of the most versatile programming languages ever developed. The Java framework follows the philosophy of – ‘Write Once, Run Everywhere’ illustrating its cross platform capabilities and powerful nature. Our Java developers are adept at creating solutions that transcend the modality of end-user devices.

We power solutions leveraging the latest version of the 3 modalities the Java platform offers:

  • Java Server Edition (JSE)
  • Java Mobile Edition (JME)
  • Java Enterprise Edition (JEE)

C to Objective C, Smalltalk to JSON, & so on and so forth!

Cover all Bases, all Routes, all Destinations


Yes we know they inhabit different parts of the spectrum. And yes we are capable of providing services, and powering applications and comprehensive software solutions with these languages and many other language families.

Power apps, drive embedded systems, integrate, and interface! Experience the freedom to experiment due to necessity or vice versa.

“Traditional, structured, objective, modular, what next, and what not? We ensure you will get the best fit!”

The MPI Software Development Life-cycle

Encounter Entropy

SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle Software Development Life Cycle

Yes, there is order to the software world as much there is chaos. And our SDLC is a substantial tool that empowers the right people.

As the name suggests, an SDLC contains or represents the entire software development process. SDLCs provide impetus to the planning and boosts the quality and safeguard the success of the project. SDLCs leverage best practices and industry standards for this purpose; our own experience also provides immense value to the proceedings.

We have in our rolls certified Agile developers, Scrum Masters, and Project Managers who are able and adept at traditional development approaches and the latest technologies simultaneously. Being a sought after offshore development partner, MPI always stays up-to-date.

Offshore Software Development

Majestic People InfoTech also functions as an offshore software development company in India, having created innovative software applications for several international clients. SGS Technologie has over 14 years of experience in developing software that are responsive across all platforms; including computers and handheld devices.

We focus on offering advanced features and enhanced functionalities through the use of appropriate technologies. The team of offshore software developers at MPI works with technologies including Ajax,, dotnet, cloud computing, ecommerce systems, EDI interfaces and account integration. Majestic People Infotech can be your perfect Outsourced Product Development center.