Choosing Between SEO and Social Media Marketing


Currently, the biggest marketplace is the internet. It is true that are several options available for reaching out to a large audience and immediately converting them into customers.  Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two important aspects of digital campaigns. Each one has its own advantages. However, the volume and speed of their implementation may depend on factors that include the type of your business, the objectives, the target audience, along the budgetary limits. Moreover, there are multiple branches from the core strategies of SEO and SMM. A proper understanding of the two concepts is required to select the best option for your company.

Benefits of SEO

  • Lesser Costs: SEO services do not involve payments for thousands of advertisements or repetitive costs. With just a single upfront cost, the best SEO Company in India can implement strategies to achieve a higher search engine ranking for your website.  Also, your traffic will not decrease once the ad stops. Besides, there are no fixed costs for every SEO campaign. These can be modulated according to your specific business objectives and size of audience.
  • Google Impact: The first thing internet users do when they have a requirement is to search on Google. This major search engine has high credibility in several parts of the world. Hence, if your business is listed in these top results, its reputation will simultaneously increase by a large margin. A common concept is that if a company or business is listed on the top of Google’s search engine results, then it should be a reputed and trusted one.
  • Crossing Competition: Several other businesses, organizations as well as independent professionals are investing on SEO processes in India. Every major company or business is listed in Google search engine results. Is your business visible among them? If not, customers will virtually regard your company as non-existent. The competition is high today, and this will continue for the rest of the year and beyond. It is highly recommended that you contact a provider of SEO services immediately.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Popularity: Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are highly popular among everyone. Social Media Marketing enables your business to be visible 24/7 whether or not customers have the necessity, by generating that demand. Social Media Marketing also enables you to reach out to a target audience based on a special locality, age-group, interest, and gender.
  • Based on Customer Trends: Interests of existing as well as prospective customers are immediately known on social media platforms. The buyer’s mood along with his or her preferences for products/services can be known. Analysis can also be done on the current trends and the types of advertisements that can mostly make impacts. Marketing and advertising strategies can be fine-tuned based on these insights.
  • Word of Mouth: This is the main strength of social media platforms, and several additional benefits can be derived from the same. A digital marketing company cany create a separate page for your brand-name on Facebook and a community can be built around it. It needs to be kept in mind that posts and opinions shared on social media platforms will go viral.

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