How to Select a Good Custom Software Development Company


Software applications are an important part of any company’s exploration of the Information Technology field. Your business may have a website. But that is like a digital visiting card while a custom software application is your staff/resources/products/services directly reaching the customer, 24/7. The concept of software development is not simple. It requires former experience in developing such applications along with technical ability and knowledge of the latest trends. Outsourcing the process is instead recommended to an experienced software development company in India. This blog describes the factors you need to consider while choosing the best custom software development company to meet your requirements:

  • Experience

That is the first and most crucial factor. You must find if a company has experience in delivering software solutions. What kind of applications has been developed and for what clients? Do they have experience in developing software for giant international companies and perhaps government departments? Has the company worked for businesses outside its region? These are certain parameters that you need to consider while streamlining your list of companies.

  • Knowledge of Technology

An ideal software development team will have immense knowledge as well as ability in the latest advancements of technology. This includes the latest versions of Java, Angular JS, Ruby on Rails, and more. There are several software developments tools: each with its own levels of complexities and budgets. Having ability in all of them will enable a software development company to select the most proper one for your business requirements.

  • Client Engagement

It is highly recommended to opt for a company that follows a transparent approach and keeps continuous engagement with your side. That is, regular updates should be provided about the progress of software development activities. A specific team of resolute personnel should be assigned just for meeting your requirements. Also, details of these team members must be shared with you.

  • Submission of Source Code

This is important. Your aim is to develop a customized software application for specific business requirements. That software will signify your brand name. But the development company still may have ownership over your application, right? This can be misused to update your application or for sharing its features without authorization. Hence it is strongly suggested that you choose a software development company that agrees to give the entire source code of your application and sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA).

  • Post-Development Support

The relationship between your business and a software development firm should not end with the project. Training should be provided to your staff on the usage of the application along with the assignment of a specific team to offer post-development support during working hours or in schedules that you prefer.

Majestic People Infotech (MPI) is an experienced custom software development company in India. We are also the offshore development center of a big website design and software development company based in the U.S.A. MPI thus has immense experience in delivering software development services to several international clients. Reach out to us at to make us your software development outsourcing partner.

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