Concept of IT Outsourcing


The reach of Information Technology has grown multi-fold in the past decade. Most commercial transactions in the world, if not all; are being on the web or through its aligned software through different mediums. In fact, the unspoken qualification factor for a business to be regarded as successful today is its operation of a website as well usage of business-centric software. In plain words, developing business software makes the operations simpler for a business, is more accurate, less time-consuming, and also gives a boost to the brand’s reputation.

What are the problems in developing software?

Yet, the golden truth here is that, “To earn more money, you need to spend more”. It isn’t that easy nor is it affordable to develop professional business software. This requires professional software developers who have enough experience and exactly know what they are doing. In addition, there is a lot of money involved in the development of software. You will either have to the hire the services of a professional software development in your region, or hire a software developer on your own.

Both these ways will prove to be expensive. Rising prices and inflation have increased the costs of software development in international cities. Also, you may want to develop a software application only for a particular purpose. It would be impractical to hire a full-time employee in completing the same. These factors may deter you from develop software applications unique for your business; through you have a great concept in mind.

What is the solution for this?

There is a misconception that software and technology is only for industrial giants and multinational companies. This is totally wrong! Moreover, even people belonging to corporate giants will seek ways to increase their revenues and reduce expenditure, given the spike in inflation rates. Hence, the perfect solution for all business to develop profitable software is to acquire the services of an Offshore Development Center (ODC).

An Offshore Development center can be defined as your overseas partner who completes all your technical work in lesser time and at more affordable rates. All your IT requirements can be outsourced to them, while you concentrate on developing business strategies and meeting the right clients. In this way, you need not spend a lot of time in hiring full-time candidates as well as pay large amounts for the development of software.

Advantages of outsourcing your IT projects are:

• Larger pool of talented resources
• Not spending time in finding the right developers and training them from the beginning
• Paying specifically for time spent on the work done and not every month as with full-time employees
• More cost-effective means of leveraging the IT goals of your business
• High Returns On Investment.

How to find a good ODC?

Majestic People InfoTech (MPI) presents itself as your apt outsourcing partner or in other words, the perfect Offshore Development Center. MPI is web designing and software development specialized company, located at the City Of Coimbatore in India. We have a highly experienced team who are young-minded and are completely aware of the latest advancements in technology.

How will we do it?

• Repeated iterations
• Attaining maximum possible business value from any project
• Pay special attention to your project and not let other work come in between
• Conduct regular and frequent testing processes in order to improve our quality and make advances as and when required
• Continuous research to be updated with the latest trends
• Analysis of similar software of the market to calculate how we may improve
• Specific roles given to different members of our team and perfect coordination between them

Why chose us?

• Dedicated software developers with years of experience, efficiency in use of the latest technology and last but not least; a zeal to deliver maximum results within the scheduled time
• Concentrating on the maintenance of quality according to the most stringent international standards
• Cost effective product deliveries within the proposed timeline as we follow a set of efficient methodologies
• Regular updates on the progress of projects assigned to us and complete transparency in our approaches for completing them
• Showing additional interest in developing your software by sharing certain innovative strategies that we feel would boost the profitability of your software

Majestic People Infotech invites you for discussing opportunities of business partnerships as well for the provision of offshore development facilities. Drop us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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